‘Build a Quad’ Syllabus, Summer 2018


The goal of this course is to teach students how to build a robust, GPS-stabilized, camera-equipped Quadcopter from ‘scratch’ and to fly the multicopter that they have built. The ‘Build a Quad’ course will also teach students three additional skill-sets needed to build and fly the Quadcopter.

  1. Electronics behind the Quadcopter
  2. Firmware configuration to optimize the
    flying experience
  3. Soldering for connecting electronic parts

The long-term goal of this course is to nurture and stimulate interest in applications of software and electronics by building remote controlled multicopter.    


  1. Flight fundamentals
  2. The Quadcopter – why should you build a
  3. Basic parts of the Quad, their description/role and assembly
  4. Essential techniques: 
    1. Electronics
    2. Soldering
    3. Flight software/firmware
  1. Building the Quadcopter 
    1. Building the frame 
    2. Mounting the motors and speed controllers
    3. Mounting the electronics
    4. Flight controller/receiver setup
    5. Testing motor direction and gyro setup
    6. Prop balancing and mounting
  1. How to fly a Quadcopter
    1. Flight transmitter/receiver – controls & operation
    2. Flight

i.     Hover a Quadcopter

ii.    Gaining and lowering altitude

iii.   Circling and straight line flight

  1. Fly Off


The Quad is guaranteed to get some dings while you learn to fly.  But, with the know and the skill-set you will have acquired from this course, students will be able to troubleshoot and repair the problem and get the Quadcopter back in the air again.  You will be in complete control of your creation!