Feedback from Students

Ben C., High School Sophomore

From the MobileArq ‘Build an App’ course, I learned many of the fundamental steps to producing a fully fledged web app. When I came into this program, I had no knowledge of the backend programming in websites. I went from 0 knowledge to having a basic login and a user index for my swim team app. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to build an app.

Aditya I., High School Freshman

Through MobileArq, I have been able to harness my skills as a programmer and website developer. I have learned five different languages, and have been able to understand how each one contributes to the design and functionality of the webpage. Throughout the course, I have programmed in HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL, and CSS. In addition to programming, I have also been exposed to the essential requirements for website building and the process of website development. I now understand the importance of creating a story board and debugging, two vital concepts that every software developer needs to get familiar with. I was also provided knowledge on how to operate the XAMPP localhost server in order to construct my site before launch. Overall, MobileArq has helped me understand concepts crucial to app development that would be challenging to discover anywhere else. I am now able to launch an application and run a successful website.

Rohan M., Union County Magnet High School Senior

MobileArq has really made an impact on my life. It has given me hands-on experience with development and the development process. I dealt with things like versioning, servers, and SQL, all of which I’ve either never encountered or never really used before. Every day I learned something new. MobileArq internship was a unique experience that has helped prepare me for a true job.

Christopher G., Academy of Information Technology, UCVTS Senior

Throughout my time at MobileArq I really learned the difference between just knowing a programming language and actually using it. I learned how to code and create a product with the user in mind, while knowing the development process that is involved in producing new features. I would never have gotten to experience and learn how to truly make a great technological product if it was not for MobileArq.

Fola C., NJIT Freshman

I have grown exponentially. I have learnt new languages like PHP and SQL, worked with cloud computing using Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). I wasn't taught any of this in school and having this knowledge has given me a great start in my career.

Bowen X., NJIT graduate student

I have learned more in two months with MobileArq, then I did in my two years with NJIT.

Mother of a 'Build an App' student

From what I have seen, you (Nirupama Mallavarupu, course instructor) are a phenomenal teacher. You are passionate and clear. Two requisites for a good teacher.

Mother of a 'Build an App' student

The best money that I spent.